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Add AjaxControltoolkit to Visual Studio 2012


Ajax control toolkit contains rich set of controls which are used build highly responsive and interactive web applications. Ajax Control toolkit contains more than 40 controls to choose from which includes ColorPicker, AutoComplete, Calender, Accordion, Watermark, etc. Ajax Control Toolkit’s recently updated version came in September 2012.  Now if you want to add Ajax Control toolkit to your project in Visual …

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30 Amazing Free Online Web Applications

30 web apps

Today I am listing some free online web applications which might be very helpful for you to process your daily works such as editing, designing, uploading, bookmarking and publishing. All these apps are available online for free and require no installation.   Click the images for the link. Reduce the file size of your photos by up to 5x, while …

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26 Desktop Wallpapers That Will Blow Your Mind


Here I am back with awesome wallpaper packs yet again 🙂 Your desktop wallpaper is the first thing you notice and according to the studies, the image you stare everyday can dramatically influence your mood.Thus I have collected some awesome wallpapers for your viewing pleasure. If you have missed my previous collections then please check out Wallpaper section. Loved it ? let me …

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Asp.Net LogIn and CreateUserWizard Controls


 Title : Log In and CreateNewUser Control Description :  Whenever we wanted to develop Log In and register page we think of Text Box to enter required details and then a button to submit that data to database.  Asp.Net came with few controls they gives a ready Log In and Create New User control, by making use of these controls we …

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17 Addictive Puzzle Games For Android

android puzzle games

After successful collection of Android live wallpaper and Action games, today’s highlight is Puzzle games for Android.There are numerous Brain Teasers and Puzzle games out there but not all of them are worth your time.That is why we decided to pick a handful of Android puzzle games the we enjoyed playing, hoping that you’ll find them interesting as well. And by …

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27 unforgettable Jquery Plugins Of 2012


I have always work hard to get the best and freshest Jquery plugins roundup for my readers and as we come to end of year, now its a good time to share the unforgettable jquery plugins of year 2012.Previously I presented you with New Jquery plugins and my readers found it useful, so in this post you will find even more …

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23 Amazing HD Live Wallpapers For Android


Wanted to make home screen of your android cellphone beautiful, animated ?? Android offers you live wallpapers which gives a charming look to your home screen. And now think of  live wallpaper which respond to your actions and offers 3D look then certainly you would like to go for it right? Here i will list some live wallpapers which will …

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How To Copy-Paste Multiple Text And Images with ClipX

how to copy multiple text

Being a editor and designer I always need a clip-board which can track all my text’s and images and which allows me to access a history of copied items which can be re-selected for pasting. Basic Need’s 1.Ctrl-c any number of times for text and image. 2.Ctrl-v. 3.Option to select which item to paste. 4.Search option. 5.Manager where I can edit or …

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Fancy Contact us Page Using ASP.NET


Title : Contact us page using ASP.NET Description : I am going to design contact us page where you will fill up necessary fields and click button to submit it. I will make use of few textboxes to enter some necessary fields and then at the end there will be a button called submit which will send data in form …

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How to Turn Your Blog Post Into A Video

blog into post

If you have an awesome blog and want to create a video to share with the world you should probably try Wibbitz. It says that “Most of the content being produced on the internet is text, a lot of text. With this huge overload of text content, it becomes increasingly difficult task to keep all your reader’s engaged on all devices. …

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