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Google’s Three New Amazing Photography Apps

Google Apps

Google has launched three all new photography Apps (Storyboard, Selfissimo & Scrubbies)  for both Android & iOS platforms. These Apps are first installment of Google’s series of Photography “appsperiments”. Here are the all new Apps for you Storyboard This app is currently available on Android Platform only. Storyboard transforms your videos into comics. It selects, lays out, and stylizes video frames using experimental research …

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Facebook for Creators – New Community for Video Lovers

We all have been using video channel websites all these days. is one of them & Its most popular. People upload their videos & share everywhere & earn from Ads displayed in between videos. Now Facebook has come up with its own video community “Facebook for Creators” for video lovers.

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Is Jabong Strong Enough To Capitalize On Indiaplaza’s Weakness

Is Jabong Strong Enough To Capitalize On Indiaplaza’s Weakness? There can never be a saturation point for online buyers when it comes to browsing for new online stores and their offers. In the past, customers had a particular mindset and it was very difficult to make them switch their loyalty from one store to another. If they liked a particular …

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30 Amazing Free Online Web Applications

Today I am listing some free online web applications which might be very helpful for you to process your daily works such as editing, designing, uploading, bookmarking and publishing. All these apps are available online for free and require no installation.   Click the images for the link. Reduce the file size of your photos by up to 5x, while …

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How To Copy-Paste Multiple Text And Images with ClipX

how to copy multiple text

Being a editor and designer I always need a clip-board which can track all my text’s and images and which allows me to access a history of copied items which can be re-selected for pasting. Basic Need’s 1.Ctrl-c any number of times for text and image. 2.Ctrl-v. 3.Option to select which item to paste. 4.Search option. 5.Manager where I can edit or …

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How to Turn Your Blog Post Into A Video

If you have an awesome blog and want to create a video to share with the world you should probably try Wibbitz. It says that “Most of the content being produced on the internet is text, a lot of text. With this huge overload of text content, it becomes increasingly difficult task to keep all your reader’s engaged on all devices. …

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10 Amazing Softwares You Should Install On Your Windows

I was tired of Gaming and Facebook stuff, so decided to check out some software application for my desktop and ended up with scattered/jumbled collection of software’s around the web mostly with registry, boost, antivirus, partition, players and thought myself how difficult it is to find applications that are refreshing and useful.But anyways after lots of research I compiled some amazingly useful softwares that …

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