Friday , 20 July 2018
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Facebook for Creators – New Community for Video Lovers

We all have been using video channel websites all these days. is one of them & Its most popular. People upload their videos & share everywhere & earn from Ads displayed in between videos. Now Facebook has come up with its own video community “Facebook for Creators” for video lovers.

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How To Copy-Paste Multiple Text And Images with ClipX

how to copy multiple text

Being a editor and designer I always need a clip-board which can track all my text’s and images and which allows me to access a history of copied items which can be re-selected for pasting. Basic Need’s 1.Ctrl-c any number of times for text and image. 2.Ctrl-v. 3.Option to select which item to paste. 4.Search option. 5.Manager where I can edit or …

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How to Turn Your Blog Post Into A Video

If you have an awesome blog and want to create a video to share with the world you should probably try Wibbitz. It says that “Most of the content being produced on the internet is text, a lot of text. With this huge overload of text content, it becomes increasingly difficult task to keep all your reader’s engaged on all devices. …

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9 Amazing Things You Can Do With Google

#1.Google Image Search Drag and Drop Suppose you have an image,and you want to find out the author and other sizes available for use.The question is how? Solution:Google finds your image using Visually similar Algorithm to find the exact same picture. Go on and drop your own can find similar backgrounds, Sizes,Faces and  much more. #2 Google Built-in Awesome Calculator …

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