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How to get cursor position in C#

In future if you are working on any Game Development project or any project where you need to find the current cursor position, this simple program might help you.



Code(.cs file) : 

namespace CursorPosition
public partial class Form1 : Form
public Form1()


void Form1_MouseMove(object sender, MouseEventArgs e)
cursorPositionLabel.Text = e.Location.ToString();

private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)



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Best Android Applications for IPL 6 http://www.amazingthings.in/2013/04/best-android-applications-for-ipl-6.html Mon, 22 Apr 2013 08:13:10 +0000 http://www.amazingthings.in/?p=2661 Best Android Apps for IPL 2013

IPL season is started and we people always stay connected to IPL news like What is happening around?, How a team is performing?, Who will be the part of Playing Eleven?, What is the score? etc, etc.. The best part of it is for android users we have got lots of options to fulfill our demands but, we need to find the perfect to accomplish it.

Here i list some applications which will allow you stay connected to IPL easily and most importantly in a SMARTER way. 

* Click on Name of the application to download it from PlayStore.

1. nexGtv


Imagine how nice it will if you can watch IPL live on the go!!.

nexGTV helps you to watch IPL live. With addition to it you can watch highlights, 6’s and 4’s, best innings etc. It works on almost every android device.

And this application amazingly stream videos with less buffer even at 2G network. You can also watch other television channels for free.

Since it offers Live IPL streaming it charges Rs.14 for 7 days in which you can watch digital channels as well for free.

2. Cricbuzz


Another best application for IPL News, Scores, Updates, Reviews . And not only IPL it gives you score updates for matches happening around the globe. With the new update you can use this application in form of Widget. Refreshes scores faster and gives you live commentary along with it.

3. IPL


An official android app for IPL by BCCI. Its simple, fast, provides commentary and provide fixtures. Gives best way to support your favorite IPL team. Represents stats, standings in better way.  Also gives you IPL news and Videos.

4. Yahoo! Cricket


Another best application for Live Scores and this time from Yahoo!. Best user friendly application.

– A quick look at all the live scores of matches currently happening.

– A very interactive scorecard. Browse through the batting line-up to know about partnerships, who got out when, and who is coming up next.

– Instant real time updates of a live match, be it a wicket, 4, 6 or an important milestone so that you don’t missing anything important for you.

– Install the widget and enjoy a live match right on your homescreen.

– Provides users with various ways of enjoying a cricket match – from the basic scores, all the way up to a detailed ball-by-ball commentary

– View specially created photo galleries showing the latest from the world of cricket.

– Read all the latest news articles on the game.

– A simple way to browse through results of completed matches, and to know schedules of upcoming matches.

– Browse through all international teams and players

5. inditv.Live Cricket


It is an application to watch IPL matches with 2G or 3G network. The best part of it is, it works smoothly without flash player. Gives you access to some nice channels such as Sony Six for free. So don’t miss IPL action keep yourself updated.

Facebook’s New update With Chat Heads,Stickers and revamped News feed on iPhone and iPad http://www.amazingthings.in/2013/04/facebooks-new-update-with-chat-heads.html http://www.amazingthings.in/2013/04/facebooks-new-update-with-chat-heads.html#respond Wed, 17 Apr 2013 00:06:19 +0000 http://www.amazingthings.in/?p=2670 The new Facebook version 6.0 update started rolling out on the App Store today with a number of new features such as Chat Heads as in Facebook Home for Android, a redesigned user interface on the iPad, Revamped News Feed, Stickers in chat windows and more.

iPhone users who download the update will start to see chat heads pop up over the next couple of weeks, Facebook says.

What Update 6.0 says

facebook 6.0

To reply to a message, just tap Chat Heads. You can drag them around or flick them down to close. Check the screenshot below.

facebook 6.0

To add stickers to your messages, tap the smiley icon. Some stickers are free and others can be purchased in the Sticker Store by tapping the basket icon.Check the screenshot below.

facebook 6.0

This is the new News Feed layout on an iPhone.This is the very first screen you will see on Facebook news feed with an drop down arrow revealing your group and stuff.

facebook 6.0


Check out the video on Youtube

My Opinion : The news feed is cleaner and smarter, but the Facebook chat heads are not very useful for iOS users because they only appears when you are inside the Facebook app, While on Android they can appear on your Home screen or any other app. The whole point of chat heads on Android is the ability to use them inside any app or anywhere on your phone. If you have to be inside Facebook app it is pointless.What do you think ?

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Display Character Counter While Inserting Text with Twitter Bootstrap Jquery Plugin http://www.amazingthings.in/2013/04/display-character-counter-while-inserting-text.html http://www.amazingthings.in/2013/04/display-character-counter-while-inserting-text.html#respond Sun, 14 Apr 2013 04:54:32 +0000 http://www.amazingthings.in/?p=2621 Ever wanted to create a threshold counter or display number of character left  in your html text field. Bootstrap-Maxlength is one of the easiest way to display threshold counter.

Twitter Bootstrap-maxlength

This Jquery plugin integrates by default with Twitter bootstrap using badges to display the maximum length of the field where the user is inserting text. It uses the HTML5 attribute “maxlength” to work.

Lets take a look at it (Wait for the animation to appear)

Display Character Counter While Inserting Text with Twitter Bootstrap Jquery Plugin

Demo Download Tutorial

Import 2 JS Files into your HTML Header

<script src="jquery.min.js"></script> // FOR INITIATING JQUERY
<script src="bootstrap-maxlength.js"></script> // FOR INITIATING COUNTER

Add Text Field or Text Area with ID and Name Attribute. Don’t forget to specify MAXLENGTH.

<input type="text" maxlength="25" name="alloptions" id="alloptions" />

<textarea id="textarea" maxlength="225" rows="2" placeholder="This textarea has a limit of 225 chars."></textarea>
Declare Maxlength BootStrap in Header

Insert Different functions as per the requirement here
Click Demo Button above for CODE

$('input#YOUR ID').maxlength() //This is basic without any properties
 If you have any difficulties implementing it, Do let me know in comments below :)

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Smallipop – The Best Jquery Toolptip Plugin http://www.amazingthings.in/2013/04/best-jquery-toolptip-plugin.html http://www.amazingthings.in/2013/04/best-jquery-toolptip-plugin.html#respond Sat, 13 Apr 2013 15:44:42 +0000 http://www.amazingthings.in/?p=2609

Smallipop is a customizable jQuery plugin for displaying tooltips. This is so far one of my favorite tooltip plugin using jquery.


  • Pure css for the design. Fallbacks for older browsers and no images.
  • CSS Animations are supported.
  • Custom themes for different use cases.
  • The popup trigger can be positioned anywhere. The popup will be displayed at the body root, so the position won’t be affected by your layout.
  • Automatic orientation whereever the popup appears. The popup will try to stay in the visible area of the screen, even when scrolling or at the edges.
  • Only a single popup element in the document. Some plugins create a hidden popup for each trigger.
  • Custom options for each trigger. You can have 20 different popups with 20 different themes on one page if you like.

The demo below includes Installation instructions, How to create tooltip tour, How to display mandatory field in html form using tooltip and other minute information

The Best Jquery Toolptips Plugin

Demo Download Tutorial

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Most highly addictive games for the Android platform http://www.amazingthings.in/2013/04/most-highly-addictive-games-for-the-android-platform.html http://www.amazingthings.in/2013/04/most-highly-addictive-games-for-the-android-platform.html#respond Fri, 12 Apr 2013 07:53:21 +0000 http://www.amazingthings.in/?p=2595 You already know how wonderful the Android platform is when it comes to gaming. It not only offers a wide range of games to download from, but also various games that are highly addictive. Most of you already have your favorites. It has now become a very tough task to choose from the large range. However, we have given our best shot to it. Below are some of the highly addictive games for the Android platform which you can download.

Angry Birds

This is one of the irresistible games that Android has to offer. The concept is very simple, though. You just need to shoot various birds at buildings and destroy the thieving pigs. These birds are tied to a catapult and to fire them, you just need to release the catapult after pulling it to a particular distance. Also, there are many colorful birds and hundreds of levels. There are many versions available to you to choose from.

Temple Run

If you love running games, then don’t miss this one. It is sure to become your favorite. You can run, jump or slide to skip various obstructions like fire, water and tree trunks. All you need to do is keep running to escape from the demon monkey. On your way, you can collect coins which help you to upgrade your items. Totally, the game’s concept is to go as far as you can and complete many tasks.

Air Control

Though the game is simple, you cannot resist playing it over and over again. In this game, you are supposed to play the role of an Air Traffic Controller. You should see it to that planes, jets and helicopters land safely. To guide them, you just have to draw line from them to their respective landing strips. Well, it doesn’t end there. What’s the fun when you just draw lines and sit and watch? If two lines converge, then, it’s a crash. So you should keep that point in view too. To play this game, you should have proper timing and awareness. Also, as time goes, the number of aircraft also increases. So, the more crafts you land, the more your score.

Cut the Rope

This is another addictive game where you should feed a tiny monster called Om Nom Candy. There will be a specific bunch of candies dangling from a rope. To feed the monster which is located at bottom of the screen, you should make the candy fall down. To do so, you will have to cut the rope by swiping you’re your finger. The candy piece will fall, thus feeding the monster. There are also many obstacles to hinder you, as well as things which are helpful like bubbles and string.

Draw something

This game is similar to Pictionary. It is a multi-player game. Your opponent has to guess the pictures you draw, and, if they do, they get points. The same rule applies to you too. People usually spend hours together over this game. The only drawback is that word selection is quite limited and you’ll end up drawing the same thing over and over again.

About The Author: Kate is a writer/blogger. She loves writing, travelling and reading books. She contributes to Hydroxycut
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Add Contacts and Dial Numbers to Notification Center With Addial Jailbreak Tweak IOS 6 http://www.amazingthings.in/2013/04/addial-jailbreak-tweak.html http://www.amazingthings.in/2013/04/addial-jailbreak-tweak.html#respond Fri, 12 Apr 2013 00:22:07 +0000 http://www.amazingthings.in/?p=2586 Addial is a free iphone jailbreak tweak that add shortcuts to add a new contact and dial a phone number directly to your Notification Center. Its design is the same style as the stock iOS “tap to” widgets, like Facebook, and Twitter, and it’s available for download right now on Cydia’s ModMyi repo.

Addial is a free iphone jailbreak tweak

Tapping the Add Contact button will bring up the same screen that you normally see when adding a new contact. The Dial Phone button, brings up a phone dialer as you see in the screen shot above, along with a popup window containing the digits for the number  to dial. This both shortcut makes it easier and faster to dial or save a contact.

Don’t forget to enable it from Settings –> Notifications –> Not in notification section –> Addial –> ON

Also you can Customize the Labels from settings — > Addial

 Be sure to add your thoughts in comment section below.

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jQuery Plugin to Create Single Page Websites http://www.amazingthings.in/2013/04/jquery-plugin-to-create-single-page-websites.html http://www.amazingthings.in/2013/04/jquery-plugin-to-create-single-page-websites.html#respond Wed, 10 Apr 2013 23:51:28 +0000 http://www.amazingthings.in/?p=2579 Single.JS is a jQuery plugin that make it easy to create single-page websites to portfolios, presentations and more.

Single.JS offers beautiful animations to transition sections and resizes automatically the images.

Here’s a is few examples of cool websites that you can easily build with that plugin:

single page website with jquery

Demo Download Tutorial ]]> http://www.amazingthings.in/2013/04/jquery-plugin-to-create-single-page-websites.html/feed 0 Image Flipping Slider Using Jquery and css3 http://www.amazingthings.in/2013/04/image-flipping-slider-using-jquery-css3.html http://www.amazingthings.in/2013/04/image-flipping-slider-using-jquery-css3.html#respond Sun, 07 Apr 2013 02:07:39 +0000 http://www.amazingthings.in/?p=2467 This tutorial will show you how to display image grid with flipping slider effect for pagination using jQuery & CSS3 Transform.This flipping effect is triggered by user click on the pagination. So when user click a page each of our portfolio images will flipping 360 degree and when its animation near end the image will changed with new image

jQuery and CSS3 image 3D Flipping Slider effect

 Demo Download Tutorial ]]> http://www.amazingthings.in/2013/04/image-flipping-slider-using-jquery-css3.html/feed 0 Is Jabong Strong Enough To Capitalize On Indiaplaza’s Weakness http://www.amazingthings.in/2013/03/is-jabong-strong-enough-to-capitalize-on-indiaplazas-weakness.html http://www.amazingthings.in/2013/03/is-jabong-strong-enough-to-capitalize-on-indiaplazas-weakness.html#respond Wed, 27 Mar 2013 07:54:52 +0000 http://www.amazingthings.in/?p=2458 Is Jabong Strong Enough To Capitalize On Indiaplaza’s Weakness?

There can never be a saturation point for online buyers when it comes to browsing for new online stores and their offers. In the past, customers had a particular mindset and it was very difficult to make them switch their loyalty from one store to another. If they liked a particular product or a particular brand, they remained loyal to it through out. The purchases as such were never as frequent as they are now. There seems to be more occasions to celebrate these days and even if there is no occasion, people want to look their best even in their nightwear and they hate to repeat. The customers’ quest is the reason for new online stores appearing in the online arena. Every new online store creates interest in the minds of online shoppers but only some retain the interest. Jabong is one of them. Let us see how Jabong plays the game and if young Jabong is capable of beating Indiaplaza in its game.


The Beginning

Less than two years of age, Jabong has made a remarkable beginning. It has a perfect blend of product range and marketing strength and no wonder it earned the reputation of being the most visited site. And, that was in its first year. Jabong’s branded collections include apparels, furniture, jewellery, footwear and accessories.

Indiaplaza, nearly fourteen years old, is very senior when compared to Jabong. Being around for a long time, Indiaplaza is a well-known name. Indiaplaza’s collections include apparels, mobiles, cameras, electronic gadgets, books and accessories.

Product Range – Jabong Does Well

Indiaplaza deals with a wide category of products while Jabong deals with limited categories. Hence, we will make a comparative study based on the products commonly available in both the online stores. Here, we find that Jabong does exceedingly well in terms of product range in each category it has to offer. Every product it has to offer has a wide range and priced from low to high. Indiaplaza has good collections but not a match to Jabong when it comes to product range.

Price – Good Show By Both Sites

The rates are reasonable in Indiaplaza and Jabong. Both cater to the needs of all wallet strengths and the products carry discounts. Jabong plays along with all online businesses and offers Jabong coupons (click here for latest discounts) to customers just as Indiaplaza offers Indiaplaza coupons (click here for latest discounts) to online shoppers. Offering discounts and coupons attract more customers and the senior and junior do their part perfectly well.

Indiaplaza Offers Quality; Jabong Shows More Depth

Indiaplaza deals with branded products and offers quality products in all ranges. However, Jabong has a wide range of branded items to offer and the well-established brands assure customers of quality products. Jabong certainly shows depth in quality and the quality comes for a reasonable price.

Customer’s Woes – Senior And Junior Lack

If you take time to go through the reviews, you may be forced to think twice before buying from Indiaplaza. Such is the state of customer service and it is not becoming of a senior to cut a sorry figure. Indiaplaza has to improve a lot if it intends to retain its seniority and brave the challenges from upcoming online stores. Jabong, on the other hand, has been remarkable in creating brand awareness and has done well in offering end of season discounts on products. However, if it hopes to maintain and improve the initial advantage, it has to really work hard and strengthen its customer service, which seems to be lacking.

As mentioned above, Indiaplaza has a wider product category that includes electronics, computers, health products and a lot more. It is a clear advantage over Jabong. However, if you were to consider the commonly available products, Jabong may score over Indiaplaza and it may not be long that Jabong overtakes Indiaplaza at least in the sale of these products are concerned.

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