20 Fresh iPhone Games 2012


Bought myself an iPhone and started digging out the best games available for download in iTunes app store and realized that the gaming option are limitless.Finally this week I sorted out the best 2012 iPhone games that are actually released recently.

1.Shuffle Cantina (Free)
One of the most beautiful 3D game on iphone and ipad optimized for retina display. It takes you to the Another universe where you face your opponents in frantic and spectacular Air Hockey matches in Duel, Betting and Survival modes.


2.Spooky Hoofs (Free)
Experience the fastest, weirdest and most addictive coach ride ever! 

Guide this noble stagecoach and its black horses through eery woods and foggy marshes but beware of the creepy dwellers that will cross your path…


3. iBlast Moki 2 HD (Free)
A puzzle game where you place bombs strategically to blast away Moki to wormhole.Colorful World, Bombs and Sound effects maes this game even more awesome.


4.Rat Fishing (Free)
A logical game where you place cheese to trap the Rats with amazing graphics and many other fun ways to exterminate the rats.

5.Flick Home Run (Worth Buying)
I am in love with this game.The rule is simple. Hit the ball by flicking your finger with the same feeling in which you would swing a bat in real life. Think of your finger as a bat, and flick it with speed and accuracy to score a Homerun.

Believe me it take balls to hit out of the park, if you know what I mean :p

Like in angry birds you have different birds with different, here you have different balls to trick you.

6.Granny Smith (Must Buy)
Spent almost whole night playing it and can’t get enough.Granny Smith is a fast-paced racing platformer filled with spectacular crashes and amazing stunts. Jump, glide, swing and smash your way through 48 hand-crafted levels in three distinct settings. Just be sure to land on your feet!

You will definitely smile while playing this game.

7.Chicken raid (Paid)
Bored of angry birds.Create a master plan to teach this rowdy chicken gand a lesson.Amazing graphics and awesome strategy will kill you time and you will enjoy every minute of it

8.Pocket Truck HD (Free)
Epic Truck racing game with amazing stunts and graphics.

9.Ragdoll Blaster 3 : Deluxe HD (Free)
Addictive gameplay where you fire ragdoll out of a canon precisely to hit the target. Gorgeous 3d Visuals and sound effects..Nothing more to say.


10.Skypander’s Cloud Patrol (Free)
Tap to shoot or slide your finger across targets creating amazing knock out combos.It gets damn interesting as the level increments.


11.Cool Race (Free)
Slide down the snow-covered mountains and try to beat the other mammoths in this simple and fast-paced physics-based racing game.


12.Are You Quick Enough 2 Pro (Free for a limited time)
Most awesome reflex game so far.Get ready to test your brains reaction time with different challenges.


13.Kumo Lumo (Free)
Play as a smiling cloud as you float over the world in this one-of-a-kind rain ‘em up! Use rain to grow forests and douse fires, and use a bolt of lightning to zap enemies intent on ruining Kumo Lumo’s world.


14.Jump Out (Paid)
Yet another physics based gameplay with stunning graphics and levels.


15.Zombie Tsunami (Free)
Check the screen, It’s a Zombie Tsunami out there.Beginning with a single zombie running through the streets, chase down the living and add them to your chaotic procession of dashing undead

16.Angry Gran Run (Free)
Almost a copy of  Temple Run but  with more Run, jump and slide over and around tons of different and WACKY obstacles in this crazy new running game!


17.Aerox (Free)
I played this game almost for a day.Aerox is an innovative ball-rolling adventure, packed with plenty of platforming action and physics-based puzzles! Dynamic and varied gameplay mechanics are complemented by stunning visuals for a blissful and engaging mobile experience.

 18.Wimp: Who Stole My Pants (Free)
Travel across unique and amazing worlds chasing the thief. Every level is packed to the brim with fun, challenges and new game mechanics. The detailed environments, tricky puzzles and Wimp himself will do their best to keep you from getting bored of the game.

19. Anthill (Paid)
The award-winning user interface enables you to draw pheromone trails to direct your troops, moving streams of ants rather than individual and attacking them.

20.Free App a Day (Website)
I have all the games on my iphone listed above.Nope, I did not purchased any of them. Everyday an iphone game gets free for 24 hrs, FAAD keeps alerting you about the Paid Apps For Free For You to Keep Forever! 🙂

Think I’ve missed something? Give a shout-out to your favourites in the comments below.

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