Friendly Pix, a new photo sharing app


Friendly Pix, its a Google’s new photo sharing app. It has been noticed that Google is encouraging its Firebase mobile/web app development and hosting platform for quite some time now. Firebase offers services like hosting, syncing, push notifications, and crash reporting. It is aimed at offering a robust platform to the developers for managing their apps. To demo its capabilities. The company recently created a sample app which is similar to Instagram, knows as “FriendlyPix”.

Friendly Pix
A preview of Friendly Pix app in AppStore


Get Started with Friendly Pix

Friendly Pix is currently available on iOS and web app. Those who have androids can access it via browsers like Chrome or Firefox. The demo app is a cloned version of Instagram where you can upload images and share those using captions and hashtags. You can also follow people and other trends.

FriendlyPix web preview


Meanwhile, a disclaimer on the web app reiterated the following:

“This is a sample application aimed at showcasing the Firebase platform capabilities. Avoid posting personal or private data.”

However, the application is fully functioning as it supports signing up with Google or Facebook to create a profile and upload photos. You can also like and comment on posts, as well as report the posts.

Friendly Pix Feeds

Despite its intended test nature, it seems that a handful of users from around the world have found the app and have started using it. Even I have logged in the app via Chrome on my phone. Also, I did see many people uploading photos with captions and others have started following as well.

It is actually not clear the intended use of the app whether it is for social networking or some other purpose. Nevertheless, Friendly Pix seem to be amusing as it is really simple and easy to use.

The whole idea behind releasing the app is to show that Firebase is actually a platform worth to consider for developers. So, if you want to have a look at the app and use it, simply click the link below. You can register your account, upload, and share photos and start following others. But just keep in mind not post anything that’s personal as Google has mentioned.

Start sharing your photos here

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