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How to get current cursor position in C and dot net

 How to get cursor position in C#In future if you are working on any Game Development project or any project where you need to...

Encrypt Connection String in Asp.net

How to encrypt Connection string in Web.Config file using Asp.NetWhile developing web projects we generally keep our Connection String under the Web.config, which get...

Use AjaxFileUpload Control in Visual Studio 2012

While developing a project you might come across a situation where you need to upload multiple files at a time. If you working on...

Add AjaxControltoolkit to Visual Studio 2012

Ajax control toolkit contains rich set of controls which are used build highly responsive and interactive web applications. Ajax Control toolkit contains more than...

Asp.Net LogIn and CreateUserWizard Controls

Title : Asp.net Log In and CreateNewUser ControlDescription : Whenever we wanted to develop Log In and register page we think of Text Box to...

Fancy Contact us Page Using ASP.NET

Title : Contact us page using ASP.NETDescription :I am going to design contact us page where you will fill up necessary fields and click...