7 interactive Stuffs you should check out

Check out some great Interactive Video’s, Games, Images and website that will make you say Wow! I prefer you to check out Number 1,2 and 3 a must watch.

1.Interactive Video Song
The Red Hot Chili Peppers just released a brand new interactive video for their latest single “Look Around” Follow the instructions in the video below.
Controls: Click and drag your mouse to switch between rooms
Arrows for Zoom in And Zoom out.

2.Interactive Facebook Application
Take this lollipop is the worlds fastest growing facebook interactive application which currently has 12,769,459 likes.All you have to do is allow application to connect with Facebook and sit back for a thrilling roller coaster ride.

3.Interactive Flash Video
Selfcontrolfreak is collection of clever interactive flash work from Olivier Otten. Transformation is the one which I liked the most,just click the button on his T-shirt and find another and so on..

Click the image below to check out the transformation (7 Mb)

4.Interactive Flash Animation
Dodge squad is a cute game with 3 Ninja like characters who try their best to avoid the mouse pointer and punches another if they are quite near to each other.

Original Source

5.Interactive image
Give photos new life with sound, voice, video, social, and other fun links with Thinglink.Hover the image below and check out the tags.

6.Interactive Monoface
Click the mouse,Nose,Head and each Eye to create a different Monoface. There are 759,375 possibilities.

7.Interactive Flash Game With Real Video

CDX is flash based game with real cinematography and thrilling music. Use you mouse to trigger events and solve puzzles to progress through the game.Note that a broadband connection is essential to play this game and that “young viewers may find some scenes disturbing”.Its more like a movie than a game 🙂

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