9 Amazing Things You Can Do With Google


#1.Google Image Search Drag and Drop

Suppose you have an image,and you want to find out the author and other sizes available for use.The question is how?

Solution:Google finds your image using Visually similar Algorithm to find the exact same picture.
Go on and drop your own picture..it can find similar backgrounds, Sizes,Faces and  much more.

#2 Google Built-in Awesome Calculator

Let me ask you to calculate 5*9+(sqrt 10)^3/4*89-9+6*9/7. Don’t click the start menu and search Calculator, instead Google it.

Similarly you can search for Graphs,Time and Currency

#3 Google Language Translator and Writer

My friend use to fool me saying that, I can convert any language in any form you want and that too in writing.I did not knew that Google not only translates but also gives you in writing.


Just go and convert your poems or letters into any language you want.

#4 Google Gmail Send Later Option and Schedule Email

Ever wanted to send an email later but end up saving in draft and forgetting it.You can now set a future send date for your emails.Right Inbox will automatically send your emails specified time. No need to be the one who takes care of sending at specific times.

Check out the send later and Track Mail button below.

#5 Let Me Google That For You

This is for all those people who find it more convenient to bother you with their question rather than google it for themselves.

Click here and find out..

#6 Access your Chrome Browser From Anywhere.
You can sign in to chrome and access your Bookmarks, History, Saved form, Apps and pretty much everything from any part of the world.
Follow these steps to sign in:
  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Click the wrench icon on the browser toolbar.
  3. Select Sign in to Chrome
  4. After you sign in, anything you browse will get synchronized and saved.
#7 Never Forget to Attach Your File
Google takes care of your email and attachments by interpreting your mail body content.Look an example Below.

You are Smart..Thank you.

#8 Google Drive Cloud Storage

You might have over 8GB of Dropbox space, 20GB on Amazon Cloud Drive, 50GB on Box, and 7GB on Microsoft’s SkyDrive.Now add another free 5GB on Google Drive.

#9 Last But Not Least


Believe in God, cause Google dont have all the answers

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