Add AjaxControltoolkit to Visual Studio 2012


Ajax control toolkit contains rich set of controls which are used build highly responsive and interactive web applications. Ajax Control toolkit contains more than 40 controls to choose from which includes ColorPicker, AutoComplete, Calender, Accordion, Watermark, etc. Ajax Control Toolkit’s recently updated version came in September 2012. 

Now if you want to add Ajax Control toolkit to your project in Visual Studio 2012, you have two options.

1. Using NuGet Package Manager

This is very simple way to add AjaxControlToolkit to your project. Just right click on your project under Solution Explorer > Manage NuGet Packages > Online and then select AjaxControlToolkit and then install it.


2. Add Manually 

Step 1 : Download

Go to > Downloads > Click on Ajax Control Toolkit 4 > Download.


Step 2 : Extract

Right Click Zip file > Properties > Unblock > And then Extract file


Step 3 : Add toolkit to Visual Studio

Right Click on your Toolbox Menus > Click on add tab > Name it as “AjaxControlToolkit” > Right Click on newly added tab > Choose Items > Browse > Select extracted AjaxControlToolkit.dll > Hit ok and there you go.


Select the way which suits you add AjaxControlToolkit to your toolbox and enjoy making a responsive, interactive web applications.

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