Amazing Homemade Crafty Gifts for your Partner


Most of them are of the notion that long distance relationships are too difficult. People say they don’t work, but there are many couples who live thousands of miles away but are making it work. Ask someone who is in the long distance relationship about their favourite part. They will surely say seeing each other and the second favourite moment would likely be receiving something special from their partner. The second thing actually buries the fact that they are away for the moment and they feel kind of closer to them.

I feel homemade crafty gifts are just perfect when you are in a long distance relationship as they have a personal touch and is also a symbol of love and affection.

But, here I am not giving the idea of old photo collage. Here is a list of some interesting gift ideas for your long distance partner that will give them a little part of you!


1. The Countdown Chocolate Jar

The Countdown Chocolate Jar
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You can send your partner a jar full of their favourite chocolates with some twist. You can just count the number of days left for them to see you next and put the exact number of chocolates or candies in the jar, from which your partner will eat one chocolate every day that will remind him/her of you!


2. The Care Package

care package
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This one is my favourite! You can take a cardboard box or a shoe box and wrap it with an attractive paper or sheet and fill it up with your partner’s favourite stuff. You can put chocolates, shirts, t-shirts., little munchies, letter, photographs, and some kinky stuff: P (that they might keep it safe until you meet). This will be a really thoughtful gift and also will make them realise how much you care for them!


3. Handmade Frames

Handmade photoframe

The frames are to keep memories alive and you can either keep in your bedroom or living room. These cute little frames are just a perfect fit for something that you want highlight, may be a message or a photo(s). These are really easy to make and are adorable!


4. Letters or e-mails

You know you can best express your feelings through writing. This is something that I do as I am really bad at expressing things verbally. You can actually write your partner a series of letters, individually sealed that they can open on any occasion. Trust me, they will fall in love with you again!


5. Crafty Bookmark

Crafty Bookmark
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This is for the book lovers. You can create an adorable crafty bookmark that you can send with a novel you have been meaning to read together with your partner. This can be one of the nest gifts for your bookworm partner.

These gifts might sound little sugary to you but trust me, this might be really rewarding for
both of you. I have written these with experience and have crafted myself for my boyfriend
when I was in a long distance relationship with him. And he loved the thought of putting such effort and handmade gifts are really special than anything expensive you buy (that’s what I feel).

I know and can understand how difficult it is to stay apart and still keep the love alive. But we know right, what we are doing and for whom we are doing is worth all the effort!

So, what is the best hand-crafted gift you have ever given or received from your long distance partner? Have you tried any of the ideas above?

Please let us know if you would like to try out these and if you any other gift ideas for long
distance relationship in the comment section below.

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