How To Copy-Paste Multiple Text And Images with ClipX


Being a editor and designer I always need a clip-board which can track all my text’s and images and which allows me to access a history of copied items which can be re-selected for pasting.

Basic Need’s
1.Ctrl-c any number of times for text and image.
3.Option to select which item to paste.
4.Search option.
5.Manager where I can edit or delete accordingly.
6.Sheer simplicity

ClipX is a tiny clipboard history manager. It is sweet, it is free, use it.

ClipX, a clipboard manager that sits in your tray and stores everything you copy. ClipX keeps track of hundreds of items that can be easily retrieved with just a few hot-keys  Once you press your desired hot-key combination, your stored items are displayed, and you can then choose whatever you want pasted into any application that you have open.

1.Press ctrl-shift-v to access your copied item list.You can configure hot-keys in configuration

how to copy multiple text

 2.Even print screen and images are displayed for you to paste.

 3.Search if you cannot find what you need

 4.Manage your clip-board

 5.Clipx sits in your system tray and its a very light weight application.

Yes its old and there are many more powerful Clip-Board applications out there but considering the simplicity and usage I think this is the best one.What is your opinion?

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