10 Amazing Infographics that you would love to read


For the people who don’t know what are Infographics Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge.So now its clear,I have made a compilation of some readable and less confusing infographics on various topics.Every Infographics are for knowledge purpose and you will definitely gain some useful information from them. 

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1.The Ultimate Story of Social Media Fame[SORRY]
This infographics is loaded with some astounding facts about amazingly famous Justin Bieber.

2.Apple Fruit Vs Apple Products

It is packed with some funny, interesting and enlightening facts about the two apples around us.


3.Seventeen things worth knowing about your cats
If you are a cat lover,I bet you are not aware of this great facts illustrated in a funny way.

4.Farmville vs Real farms
Most of you might have played the most famous game “Farmville” on Facebook.Now its time to check how this game is actually earning more than real farms đŸ˜€


5.Online piracy in number:Facts and Statistic(Must read)

Online Piracy or Internet Piracy is a serious problem that online community is facing. To understand how big Online Piracy.

6.The brain of a Blogger
If you are a blogger then this infographic is a must read.Now a days everyone wants to blog but being a rocking blogger is not as east as it may seem check out how the bloggers goes through different phases of difficulties.

7.How to Tell if Your Website Sucks!
A look at some of the most common and egregious errors in website creation, and breaks them down by category: design, usability, and SEO. (I learned a lot from it)


8.Clean Love Fact’s
The ratio’s and proportion’s of how people fall in love and in which situations.Some of you might find it bizarre but look around. 

9.Facebook 2012 Statistics

A look at the number of active Facebook users around the globe , what they actually do on Facebook,the games they like to play, and some interesting facts from Facebook’s recent IPO filing.

10.The F Infographics
I found it quite educational so please if you are 18+ then move on and have a look.

Thats all folks..Do tell me which one was useful to you! I would love to hear from you đŸ™‚

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