13 Creative Computer Mouse You Should Buy


Here are some of the coolest computer mouse designs that I found online,Some of which are actual concepts, designs and some even really released to Purchase.Most of them range between 60$ to 150$ Approximately.So if you like any of them just Google the title and you will find it.Meanwhile,I am planning to buy Microsoft Arc Mouse or Eclipse Touch Mouse.I have embedded the Video of them, don’t forget to check them out in Action đŸ™‚

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

Check out the video for Arc Touch Mouse

Titanium Mouse

Pearl Mouse


Check out the video for Pearl Mouse

Apple’s Magic Mouse The World’s First Multi-Touch Mouse


Viper Mouse For Senior Citizens

Check out the video for Evo Mouse
Google Mini Wireless Mouse
Check out the video for Google Mini Mouse
Check out the video for Touch Mouse

Gyration Air Mouse Elite

Check out the video for Air Mouse Elite

Slim Blade Bluetooth Presenter Mouse

Mogo Mouse

XOOPER Slim Mouse With LED Logo

So which one are you buying ? or I must say Dreaming đŸ˜€ Do let me know via Comments.

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