Facebook’s New update With Chat Heads,Stickers and revamped News feed on iPhone and iPad


The new Facebook version 6.0 update started rolling out on the App Store today with a number of new features such as Chat Heads as in Facebook Home for Android, a redesigned user interface on the iPad, Revamped News Feed, Stickers in chat windows and more.

iPhone users who download the update will start to see chat heads pop up over the next couple of weeks, Facebook says.

What Update 6.0 says

facebook 6.0

To reply to a message, just tap Chat Heads. You can drag them around or flick them down to close. Check the screenshot below.

facebook 6.0

To add stickers to your messages, tap the smiley icon. Some stickers are free and others can be purchased in the Sticker Store by tapping the basket icon.Check the screenshot below.

facebook 6.0

This is the new News Feed layout on an iPhone.This is the very first screen you will see on Facebook news feed with an drop down arrow revealing your group and stuff.

facebook 6.0


Check out the video on Youtube

My Opinion : The news feed is cleaner and smarter, but the Facebook chat heads are not very useful for iOS users because they only appears when you are inside the Facebook app, While on Android they can appear on your Home screen or any other app. The whole point of chat heads on Android is the ability to use them inside any app or anywhere on your phone. If you have to be inside Facebook app it is pointless.What do you think ?

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