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October 2018 release of Windows 10 Update is available for all users from Microsoft. The Windows 10 does not bring any revamped interface but offers a number of features. The update gives the most productive, and most secure end-user computing experience. The largest change that Windows has come up with is a new cloud-powered clipboard. It will allow users to copy content across devices. And the history of copied content will be stored in the cloud. It’s particularly useful for those who use desktop or laptop at work and home. You can access a full history of your clipboard by using Windows key shortcut.

The Windows 10 October 2018 update includes many other tweaks in terms of functionality and design.

Bring & Sync Your Smartphone Content on PC

Your Phone App
Blurred preview of Your Phone App on Windows 10

One of the most interesting features introduced by Microsoft is “Your Phone” app. This feature primarily works with Android devices as of now. This feature lets users get instant access to their Android smartphone’s photos and other documents on their desktop or laptop. The biggest feature of this app is that you will be able to send messages from your PC as well. This would be very useful. This app is designed to closely align Android and iOS to Windows 10.  You will be able to quickly sync photos or any other documents taken on your Android device with Windows 10.

Windows 10 Timeline

Windows Timeline
Blurred preview of Windows 10 Timeline

Another exciting feature of Windows 10 is Timeline feature. This feature is already available before this update release. Some extra features added to this now.  With this feature, you will be able to pick up what you were doing, even if it was your Android or iOS phone on your Windows 10 PC. The PC’s timeline will also be available on your phone, so you can check back in time to find your files or websites that you were surfing on your phone, computer or any other device. It is currently available on Android phones via Microsoft Launcher app, and it will be coming soon to preview for iPhone as well.

Microsoft is building new extensions for both Chrome and Firefox that will allow the other rival browsers to plug into the Timeline feature and sync tabs. This will Timeline feature more useful for the Chrome users.

The Timeline feature is also coming to Microsoft edge in a beta version mostly in November which will quick access to your tabs whether they were open on PC or the mobile version of Microsoft Edge.

The Window 10 October 2018 Update also has inking feature and 3D updates in PowerPoint and Word. With this features, you can manage and prioritize your tasks. You can use your digital pen or any touch-enabled Windows device, and add a task to your list using ink and strike out when you are done with the task. Interesting, isn’t it?

Snip & Sketch App

There is also a “Snip & Sketch App”, this is a screen grab function that lets you set a timer and draw images or crop to different shapes. (Nice one!)

In Windows 10, you can now stop videos from auto-playing sound and better manage the websites that you allow to auto-play. Edge is also getting some fluent design improvements with better tabs and effects.

For its Edge Browser, Microsoft has added an offline dictionary, grammar tools, and learning tools in its reading view, and Line Focus. You can also see a Windows Mixed Reality Flashlight feature as well. Additionally, Swift Key will be now available on the touch keyboard.

Task Manager has also improved with Window 10. A new column in task manager categorizes apps into their power usage. So you can close apps that are drawing a lot of battery life when you are mobile.

The new update lets you mute tabs. You can just click the speaker icon of a noisy tab to mute it and to unmute it click again. It’s actually easier with Chrome as you can just right-click and make a selection from the contextual menu to mute a tab.

If you play a lot of games in your PC or laptop and you have an HDR monitor, Windows 10 October 2018 update is for you! Microsoft has made easier to set up HDR in Windows 10 and ensured that it is supported for apps and games.

Microsoft has also introduced a new search preview in the start menu. Search results will automatically get displayed in a new preview pane when you start searching. Suppose, if you are searching for an app then the preview contents will change into a list of files that you have used recently.

Computer Keyboard
Photo by Max DeRoin from Pexels

Microsoft is also planning to roll out “Codenamed 19H1”, an update that is expected to be launched in March 2019.

There was a delay in launching the new Windows update. However, Microsoft has rolled out the update once again this November. The update is only available for seekers, which means only for those who manually search for Windows Update. You need to type “Check for updates: in your Search bar to begin the installation process. And if your PC is facing any compatibility issue, you will not get the update installed until and unless the issue is resolved. However, Microsoft is doing checks on every PC that requests the updates to ensure there are no compatibility issues.

Slowly, Microsoft will make the update available to a larger audience and will start automatically informing the users about the update.

Make sure you don’t miss out on updating your windows!

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