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Stocking your PC is an intensely your personal task. But some programs are so helpful that you must have. The hardware is important, but loading your PC with the right software can give you a big leg up. Sp. Start off right with great tools and amazing software that your PC needs.

There are various amazing software that might be really useful. So, check out the list:


The GNU Image Manipulation Program is a brilliant open source photo editor that is available for download for free. It’s not quite a feature-packed as Adobe Photoshop, but it has everything to make your pictures look amazing before printing or sharing them online. GIMP also provides you with many customization options and third party plugins. It’s simple and easy to use the software. Install it and enjoy editing!


GIMP amazing software
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2. MusicBee

MusicBee is an another amazing software than your PC must have.It is designed to organize songs and podcasts in a logical way and give you the best sound quality. It supports all the music file format and you can name without any need to download additional codecs, as well as streaming services. MusicBee is rated one of the best music managers and players available for Windows. It has features to wow you. Enjoy a great music experience with MusicBee.

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3. Shotcut

Window Movie Maker was a great video editor but its inelegant interface and cheesy effects have made it outdated so now, it’s time to a new amazing software and that’s “Shotcut”. I shouldn’t say Shotcut is the most powerful video editor around but it strikes a perfect balance between the features and usability. It’s very easy to use and there is a huge set of tools and filters to experiment with.

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4. WindScribe

One of the ways to protect your privacy online is to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service, which disguises your identity and location using remote servers.

WindScribe is a free VPN with a very generous data allowance of 10GB per month. It blocks all connectivity outside the tunnel to eliminate all types of leaks and blocks ads and trackers that follow you across the web. WindScribe protects your internet connection and encrypts activity so you can safely surf the internet whether you are at home, work or in public. It’s a very useful software as no hacker can intercept your web activities.


5. Focus Writer

If you are looking for some serious writing, FocusWriter is for you. It provides you with a full-screen mode that completely blocks out all distraction, including the clock, start menu and notification area. You can set your writing goals and configure alerts for specific times to keep you on track. There is also an excellent feature that highlights the paragraph or sentence you are working on while everything else fades in the background.


6. Piriform Recuva

You might have deleted everything from the recycle bin and later realized that it contained a file that you need now or you might have been unfortunate enough to lose data due to some damage or corruption. In this case, Recuva is here to help you, it can be a lifesaver. Install it now and be prepared.

Piriform Recuva
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Ninite covers “how to install” part when installing new stuff on your computer or laptop. This all-in-one installer lets you pick up the software you require and install them at one go. Isn’t this amazing software of great help? And yes, the choices are of course diverse. Install the app and reduce your effort!

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8. Microsoft-To-Do

Microsoft-To-Do provides you with a simple interface in order to keep everything organized. You can categorize everything based on name, date, and completion. There is one interesting feature “My Day” that lets you focus on certain important tasks, which resets at the start of each day. The software also suggests you complete the task if you have left it incomplete. It’s a really amusing software to keep you organized.

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9. Spotify Music

Spotify’s app is free, and you can enjoy some parts of the services without paying anything. The app is streamlined and easy to use. With Spotify, you can listen to various albums, playlists, or create your own playlist of your favourite songs. Spotify is appealing as you can access content for free by simply signing up using your Gmail account or Facebook account.

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It is often time-consuming to find the best software to meet your laptop’s needs and to make your work easy. So, we have listed down the best Windows software that you can download for free from the web anytime you wish to. These software will surely help solve your security, productivity, synchronisation, and more. These will make your work easier and it will be more fun to get your work done.

You should also have the updated version of all the programs and install the new ones to ensure your PC has all the latest software and features.

Now, you know which apps to install right away on your PC so, hurry up and install the software mentioned that is beneficial to you. And if you have any other software that we missed out, please let us know in our comment section below.


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