Mind Blowing HTML5 Jquery and Javascript Demo’s

Turn on your speaker’s 

A Sticky Thing HTML5 DEMO

Awesome thing I have ever seen.A simple but addictive HTML5 canvas demo consisting of a Sticky Cloth with different properties like stickiness,gravity,size and stiffness as shown in picture below.
You will definitely love it and spend some time by varying different options.Do check out Gravity Zero.


A image gallery with creative effect.You will say only one word “WOOWW!”

HTML5 Audio Buzz

Buzz is a small but powerful Javascript library that allows you to easily take advantage of the new HTML5 audio element.Also do check their lovely website with their logo sound effect

Kinect and CSS3 Animation
Demo shows how the word “Mozilla Devderby” is animated with the help of CSS3 to play Ball.

Smash Christmas bulbs JQUERY DEMO

If you have visited my blog during Christmas,you might have noticed a smashing bulbs with snowfall effect.This demo shows the bulbs that can be smashed with your mouse cursor along with glass breaking sound effect,So turn your volume HIGH. 

Birrificioirpino an HTML5 Parallax website

I have never came across such a powerful html5 parallax website.Its a pleasure to surf their entire website which include mind blowing effects with every different click you make.Dont forget to click the bottle’s as well.

Ball pool HTML5 DEMO
The rules are written on the biggest ball.Shake your browser!

Light Shift Optical JAVASCRIPT DEMO

A parallax slider with amazing sparkling effect you cannot miss.You cannot even compare with Jquery effects available.

Flower power HTML5 DEMO
Write anything with flowers and petals.You can even save it onto to your computer.The colors used to create flower effect are out of world.

Javascript Fireworks
Type your message and turn it into firework.

HTML5 Love
One of my favorite HTML5 demo so far! Turn your speaker’s ON and enjoy the awesome music and patterns specially the HEART one.If click twitter tweets are displayed.

Browser Ball HTML5 DEMO
Create multiple windows and leave the ball,check how it travels and bounces through all windows.

Mistakes world shuffler JAVASCRIPT DEMO
One of my most favorite script where you type your own message as shown in picture below and it will isolate the common letter from next line and re-using it to create the whole message.Quite confusing check out and find out yourself.

So which one was your favorite?

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