Speed Up Your iPhone With % Hooks Law Jailbreak Tweak 2013 iOS 6


Speed up your iOS 6 device animations with a snap effect provided from the tweak %Hook’s Law. This tweak does require iOS 6 or higher and changes all animations, such as opening applications, navigation animations, and the animation of unlocking your device to take on a more bouncy feel. You can configure the options within settings.

This tweak is created by Chpwn (creator of Infiniapps and Zephyr) as a pun on %hook, that has to do with iPhone development and Hooke’s Law which has to do with the force required to compress a spring and such. It does sound like complicated physics so if your familiar with that set up then have at configuring the settings for the tweak found within settings.

Now my iphone is faster as hell LOL 😀

Courtesy : TechMeOut

No screen shots are available check out the video below to know how exactly it works 🙂

Name : %Hook’s Law

Free : BigBoss 

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