Top 3 News Apps to Get Daily Accurate News


Top 3 Apps to Get Daily Accurate News You Can Trust

If you’re the type of person who the first thing they do in the morning is to read the news, you know how hard it can be to know which media outlet you can trust. I personally start checking multiple sources every time there’s a piece of news I believe is important. But, it is quite time-consuming, at least until you build a personal library of different news sources and even then, you still need to check if they actually wrote about the topic you want to check.

This made me start researching if there’s an easier, more tech-savvy way to read news from multiple sources. I started looking for possible apps to help with this problem and as it turned out, there are numerous apps that do just that. So if you’re facing the same problem as me, I present my personal top 3 apps for reading news from multiple sources.

SmartNews – All News in One Place
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SmartNews is the first one I tried, and I got to say, I liked it from the get-go. Mainly for its user interface, but later for the way it delivers the news to you. It doesn’t filter according to what you read, but it provides different sources. More importantly, the news outlets the app provides aren’t any websites, but recognized websites you probably know. The app shines in organizing the news for you so you can focus more on reading, rather than researching. Also, I noticed they update several times as a day. I can appreciate that as I have the peace of mind I get the latest info on which I can create opinions.

In case you’re into politics, I did notice more news feed leaning more to the left. Although the reason for that is probably the fact we have more popular left-oriented news sites than right. Still, I do appreciate the fact you can easily organize as you wish and have yourself decide what you want to read.

Reuters News – Different Sources of Video News
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Although the app does come with regular articles as well, the main thing I like the most are the videos. Video news is snappy, on the point and they try to take as less of your time as possible without sacrificing the quality. I’d say it’s a great app for people who are busy but still value to get different points of view. I found myself mostly using the app like this. I’d watch the video news in the morning and if an article caught my eye, I’d save it for a later read. The favorite tab is easy to access so you are easily reminded that you have something saved for the later. Overall, it’s the small thing that matter and I learned to appreciate this one.

But, although the app comes with clever features, I was a bit disappointed by the number of news categories. The way it’s organized seems a bit too general for my liking as I often found myself browsing the world news to find something extremely specific.  Yes, there’s is the ability to search, but it seems a better organization of articles could easily make the app even better.

News Break – Everything Local
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Finally, I’d recommend News Break to people more interested in the news about their local area, rather than the general world news. It took me around 3 minutes to customize the app so I get only the news I want and in case I want to check something different, all I have to do is go to the home screen. Another great thing is the way you can save articles. If you like to read many articles but lack the time, the app lets you customize the saved ones in many different ways. This way, you can keep everything well organized and ensure you actually read what you saved for later.

One thing I should mention, they use fewer sources than SmartNews for example. There are some low-quality articles I stumbled, but you can easily filter out and ensure you don’t get it in the future. Still, as far as the local news goes, I definitely like this one.


These are my top picks for apps that help you get as much diverse news as possible. It’s hard to satisfy everyone’s taste, especially when it comes to news, so it’s always important to have more than one source. The same goes for apps. Although I do think these are the best, I’ll share a website I found that lists top 10 most popular news apps you can check out. Just in case you want more choices.

Best 10 Apps for Daily News

This way, I think we have more than enough possibilities to know we’re actually getting the real information. As I said in the introduction, today more than ever it’s important we double-check the information we get and if we can use apps to do that, why not? Good luck and stay smart.


This is a guest post by Margaret Jules to our site. All views & words are her personal.

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