Monday, January 25, 2021
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Blogger, Content Writer and Marketer. With her love for writing she has been writing on different platform. Loves reading, traveling and cooking.

Latest Amazing Software for your PC

Stocking your PC is an intensely your personal task. But some programs are so helpful that you must have. The hardware is important, but...

Blissful Holidays in Thailand

Craving for a tropical vacation? If frolicking on the shores, feeling sun-kissed, and swimming around in the ocean sounds like the perfect vacation to...

Friendly Pix, a new photo sharing app

Friendly Pix, its a Google's new photo sharing app. It has been noticed that Google is encouraging its Firebase mobile/web app development and hosting...

Budget Friendly Destinations in Asia

Looking out for a trip that’s budget friendly destinations in Asia? Here are the countries that offer you not just great value but some...

Latest Windows 10 Update is here

October 2018 release of Windows 10 Update is available for all users from Microsoft. The Windows 10 does not bring any revamped interface but...

You should know this if travelling first time

When you are travelling first time. You must be excited, right? And it’s obvious as you are about to head off to your first...

Top 10 Smartphone Games

Mobile platforms have always been home to super interesting games even if takes some amount of risk to the user. There are actually lots...

Best Places for Fusion Food

What are we eating these days? Fusion Food is it, whether you go McDonald's for McAloo-Tikki Burger or Domino's for Kheema Pizza. The perfect...

10 Amazing Smart Kitchen Hacks

Kitchen hacks or you can say tricks. Even the most experienced cooks or rather say chefs sometimes need help in the kitchen, and it’s...

iOS 12 is out now. All new and latest features are here

Yayy, here is a good news for Apple users!!! The newer version of iOS 12 with new features making the device advanced and better...