Most highly addictive games for the Android platform


You already know how wonderful the Android platform is when it comes to gaming. It not only offers a wide range of games to download from, but also various games that are highly addictive. Most of you already have your favorites. It has now become a very tough task to choose from the large range. However, we have given our best shot to it. Below are some of the highly addictive games for the Android platform which you can download.

Angry Birds

This is one of the irresistible games that Android has to offer. The concept is very simple, though. You just need to shoot various birds at buildings and destroy the thieving pigs. These birds are tied to a catapult and to fire them, you just need to release the catapult after pulling it to a particular distance. Also, there are many colorful birds and hundreds of levels. There are many versions available to you to choose from.

Temple Run

If you love running games, then don’t miss this one. It is sure to become your favorite. You can run, jump or slide to skip various obstructions like fire, water and tree trunks. All you need to do is keep running to escape from the demon monkey. On your way, you can collect coins which help you to upgrade your items. Totally, the game’s concept is to go as far as you can and complete many tasks.

Air Control

Though the game is simple, you cannot resist playing it over and over again. In this game, you are supposed to play the role of an Air Traffic Controller. You should see it to that planes, jets and helicopters land safely. To guide them, you just have to draw line from them to their respective landing strips. Well, it doesn’t end there. What’s the fun when you just draw lines and sit and watch? If two lines converge, then, it’s a crash. So you should keep that point in view too. To play this game, you should have proper timing and awareness. Also, as time goes, the number of aircraft also increases. So, the more crafts you land, the more your score.

Cut the Rope

This is another addictive game where you should feed a tiny monster called Om Nom Candy. There will be a specific bunch of candies dangling from a rope. To feed the monster which is located at bottom of the screen, you should make the candy fall down. To do so, you will have to cut the rope by swiping you’re your finger. The candy piece will fall, thus feeding the monster. There are also many obstacles to hinder you, as well as things which are helpful like bubbles and string.

Draw something

This game is similar to Pictionary. It is a multi-player game. Your opponent has to guess the pictures you draw, and, if they do, they get points. The same rule applies to you too. People usually spend hours together over this game. The only drawback is that word selection is quite limited and you’ll end up drawing the same thing over and over again.

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