Is Jabong Strong Enough To Capitalize On Indiaplaza’s Weakness


Is Jabong Strong Enough To Capitalize On Indiaplaza’s Weakness?

There can never be a saturation point for online buyers when it comes to browsing for new online stores and their offers. In the past, customers had a particular mindset and it was very difficult to make them switch their loyalty from one store to another. If they liked a particular product or a particular brand, they remained loyal to it through out. The purchases as such were never as frequent as they are now. There seems to be more occasions to celebrate these days and even if there is no occasion, people want to look their best even in their nightwear and they hate to repeat. The customers’ quest is the reason for new online stores appearing in the online arena. Every new online store creates interest in the minds of online shoppers but only some retain the interest. Jabong is one of them. Let us see how Jabong plays the game and if young Jabong is capable of beating Indiaplaza in its game.


The Beginning

Less than two years of age, Jabong has made a remarkable beginning. It has a perfect blend of product range and marketing strength and no wonder it earned the reputation of being the most visited site. And, that was in its first year. Jabong’s branded collections include apparels, furniture, jewellery, footwear and accessories.

Indiaplaza, nearly fourteen years old, is very senior when compared to Jabong. Being around for a long time, Indiaplaza is a well-known name. Indiaplaza’s collections include apparels, mobiles, cameras, electronic gadgets, books and accessories.

Product Range – Jabong Does Well

Indiaplaza deals with a wide category of products while Jabong deals with limited categories. Hence, we will make a comparative study based on the products commonly available in both the online stores. Here, we find that Jabong does exceedingly well in terms of product range in each category it has to offer. Every product it has to offer has a wide range and priced from low to high. Indiaplaza has good collections but not a match to Jabong when it comes to product range.

Price – Good Show By Both Sites

The rates are reasonable in Indiaplaza and Jabong. Both cater to the needs of all wallet strengths and the products carry discounts. Jabong plays along with all online businesses and offers Jabong coupons (click here for latest discounts) to customers just as Indiaplaza offers Indiaplaza coupons (click here for latest discounts) to online shoppers. Offering discounts and coupons attract more customers and the senior and junior do their part perfectly well.

Indiaplaza Offers Quality; Jabong Shows More Depth

Indiaplaza deals with branded products and offers quality products in all ranges. However, Jabong has a wide range of branded items to offer and the well-established brands assure customers of quality products. Jabong certainly shows depth in quality and the quality comes for a reasonable price.

Customer’s Woes – Senior And Junior Lack

If you take time to go through the reviews, you may be forced to think twice before buying from Indiaplaza. Such is the state of customer service and it is not becoming of a senior to cut a sorry figure. Indiaplaza has to improve a lot if it intends to retain its seniority and brave the challenges from upcoming online stores. Jabong, on the other hand, has been remarkable in creating brand awareness and has done well in offering end of season discounts on products. However, if it hopes to maintain and improve the initial advantage, it has to really work hard and strengthen its customer service, which seems to be lacking.

As mentioned above, Indiaplaza has a wider product category that includes electronics, computers, health products and a lot more. It is a clear advantage over Jabong. However, if you were to consider the commonly available products, Jabong may score over Indiaplaza and it may not be long that Jabong overtakes Indiaplaza at least in the sale of these products are concerned.

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