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10 Amazing Softwares You Should Install On Your Windows

I was tired of Gaming and Facebook stuff, so decided to check out some amazing software application for my desktop and ended up with scattered/jumbled collection...
music bee

Latest Amazing Software for your PC

Stocking your PC is an intensely your personal task. But some programs are so helpful that you must have. The hardware is important, but...

Google Tez is now Google Pay

Google Pay was formerly known as Android Pay. In order to expand its market share in India’s payments market, Google has re-titled its payments...

Friendly Pix, a new photo sharing app

Friendly Pix, its a Google's new photo sharing app. It has been noticed that Google is encouraging its Firebase mobile/web app development and hosting...
windows 10

Latest Windows 10 Update is here

October 2018 release of Windows 10 Update is available for all users from Microsoft. The Windows 10 does not bring any revamped interface but...

Facebook for Creators – New Community for Video Lovers

We all have been using video channel websites all these days. YouTube.com is one of them & Its most popular. People upload their videos...

30 Amazing Free Online Web Applications

Today I am listing some free online web applications which might be very helpful for you to process your daily works such as editing,...

How to Turn Your Blog Post Into A Video

If you have an awesome blog and want to create a video to share with the world you should probably try Wibbitz. It says...
how to copy multiple text

How To Copy-Paste Multiple Text And Images with ClipX

Being a editor and designer I always need a clip-board which can track all my text's and images and which allows me to access...

Google removed 22 malicious Apps from Play Store

Google recently removed 22 malicious apps from its Play Store after the security researcher Sophos found that these apps are being used for ad...